The fine folks over at New Noise Magazine are now premiering the first single from You Vandal’s upcoming LP release Pretend I Don’t Exist. “Hold for Applause” is the first single and drops tomorrow on all your favorite digital services while Pretend I Don’t Exist is slated for a February 11, 2022 release.

Pretend I Don’t Exist is the follow up to 2017’s I Just Want to Go Back to Hell and features more of the band’s signature infectious pop punk that’s familar just as much in their hometown of Gainesville (think No Idea Records and Fest, duh) as it would be in a Midwest VFW hall show. Super catchy harmonies layered with the right amount riffage and grit that’s sometimes lost in what passes for pop punk these days.

In the coming weeks we’ll be dropping a new video from the LP as well as announcing some super fun release shows and tour dates. In the meantime, check out the track over on New Noise and cop the single when it drops tomorrow!


Happy New Year! Thanks again for taking the time to support this lil’ old label. I can’t express in words how crazy it is and how much I have appreciated everyone’s support for last 25 years. The last two years in particular were pretty crazy. The new found interest in what the label has released over the past 25 years in addition to some new releases from the likes of Attic Salt, Broadcaster, Off With Their Heads, Mind Power, and The Readymen has really recharged the batteries here. Can’t thank everyone enough. It’s very much appreciated. There’s still a lot of work to do to get things to a consistent level, but how much I’ll be able to do that, who knows? Lots of potential changes in the future, but regardless, a lot of great releases coming down the pipe in 2022. We can’t wait to announce them!

To celebrate the New Year as well as continuing to celebrate 25 years of making bad decisions, here’s a little something from the ol’ Jump Start way back machine…

Back in 2001 I was living in State College, Pennsylvania, 3 years removed from graduating college and living the dream playing in a notoriously fun punk-ska band called No On 15. Jump Start was only five years removed from it’s first release, but I’d like to think I was finally getting my sea legs under me when I decided to reach out to other Pennsylvania punk bands about participating in a PA band only comp. At the time Pittsburgh and Philadelphia had well established scenes, but there were also a lot of great bands playing throughout the state. No On 15 was lucky enough to have played with almost all the bands that eventually ended up on this comp. The only problem was that by the time I had the artwork and all the audio ready, a half dozen bands on the comp had broken up.


Fast forward two more years and I’ve now updated the comp with new bands to replace the ones that had broken up. But again, same as before, by the time all the tracks were compiled and the artwork was updated several of the bands again broke up putting me back at square one.

Well, it’s 2022. The last two years have been a total shitshow. Let’s get weird.

Here’s this long, lost compilation of 24 Pennsylvania punk/emo/whatever bands from over 20 years ago. It’s not a complete picture by any means, as you’ll notice an apparent lack of bands from the Philly scene at the time, but that makes sense considering this was a snapshot of the Pennsylvania scene at large in 2001 as seen by and through me and my travels playing every and each corner of the state.



I want to point out that I have nothing but love for East Bay punk. If it weren’t for Lookout! Records and bands like Op Ivy, Dance Hall Crashers, and Green Day there’s a chance this label would never exist.

The name of the comp was merely a tongue in cheek way of saying “Hey, that stuff is cool, but we’re doing cool shit too.” So much attention was being directed at bands from the East Bay scene, and California at large at the time as well I just felt like people should know about all the fun and crazy shit going down in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. I think this original tracking of the compilation does a great job of showing you what the scene across the state was like. Standouts include Wormbath (my personal favorite track on the comp), Wonderdog, Dutchland Diesel, The Overdrives, Fire in the Radio, The Peabodys, Digger, The Commercials, One Up on Lucy, and The Mad Cows, but honestly, I love all the bands on this compilation for one reason or another. Ken Adams, or better know as K3N from the Victory Records Victory Style comps, delivered some equally awesome yet ridiculous artwork.

Head on over to our Bandcamp page and download a copy of this 2001 audio snapshot for FREE. Nodda. Zilch. Name your price… how about FREE dollars? Sounds good if you ask as me.

Thanks again for your continued support! Take care and have a Happy New Year!


Originally slated to be re-released by Jump Start in the early 2000s after the band’s original label, Kingpin Records, went under, we’re stoked to finally bring this ‘masterpiece’ of Pacific Northwest ska-punk back to life!

Mastered to the band’s original track sequencing with reworked LP artwork from the original art pieces created and assembled by the band, Restless sounds as urgent today as when it was released over 20 years ago.

The kind folks over at Brooklyn Vegan premiered the track “Justified” last week but you can also check out the video on our YouTube channel and below. We think this release one of the most crucial yet overlooked ska-punk releases of the late 90s!

We’ve launched a PRE-ORDER for Restless over on our Limited Run webstore of the limited pressing of 300 that includes 100 each on Black, Translucent Emerald Green, and the Subscription Club exclusive variant of Opaque Emerald Green with White Swirl that brings this band to a new generation of fans that will be quick to see the link between Op Ivy and today’s crop of current bands. Former members went on to play in notable bands like Leftover Crack, MDC, and The Stockyard Stoics.


We’re excited to announce a brand new release from our favorite punks outta Gainesville, You Vandal!

Just in time for their appearance at The Fest we bring you two new tasty You Vandal jams served up on some hot, and we mean HOT, lathe cut ‘wax’. Limited to a pressing of 50, we’ve got 30 Clear lathe cuts that will be exclusive to the band and available for the first time at The Fest, and 20 Black versions that we’ll be launching for sale on our Limited Run webstore very shortly.

In the meantime, the fine folks from The Bad Copy are premiering the A-side track “Running in Place”. Check it out right here.

While Gainesville is typically known for its brand of gruff punk associated with No Idea Records, You Vandal combines those influences with punk and pop-rock influences, delivering songs full of well-polished melodies begging you to sing along. This band may have more in common with New Found Glory than Hot Water Music, but they still manage to stay clear of any cringe-inducing clichés that come along with genre. Their upcoming releases are the long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s I Just Want to Go Back to Hell. Be sure to keep an eye out for shows across the US throughout the next year in support of their upcoming full-length release due out in early 2022.

If you haven’t given I Just Want to Go Back to Hell a listen, head on over to our Bandcamp page and check it out and maybe even pick up a copy of the vinyl while you’re at it.


If you’re on our mailing list than you already know that we’ve got a super limited pressing available of Belvedere’s seminal skate punk classic Angels Live in My Town. If you’re not on our mailing list, well, you’d best hurry up and grab one because we’ve already gone through more than half of the 100 copies of this release that are available.

Back in 2012 we released a sick double LP with our favorite Canadian skate punks, Belvedere. The Self-Titled double LP featured the band’s sophomore release Angels Live in My Town and third full length release ‘Twas Hell Said Former Child. We pressed 1000 on Opaque Red and Coke Bottle Clear respectively.

Well, pressing plants being all jacked up and on 10 month turns is nothing new, nor is over pressing a record, and that’s what we have here.

118 copies of Angels Live in My Town were ‘over pressed’. A bunch were double labeled, or had labels partially adhered, and unsellable. No copies of ‘Twas Hell were over pressed. So, what to do with the 100 good copies of Angels?

Well, here we are nine years later and we’ve got the answer.

We went back to our good friend JP Flexner, the man behind the original double LP artwork and asked him to come up with a new design for a limited release cover taking inspiration from the original Angels Live in My Town artwork and the double LP artwork that he created.

The result is a very limited, first time ever available as an individual release ‘pressing’ of Angels Live in My Town100 copies only with hand numbered jackets. That’s it. That’s all she wrote. We can’t say for certain that this record will never be released again as a stand alone version, but for now, if you’re a die hard Belvedere fan or a must have vinyl collector, you don’t want to miss out on this limited release.

Grab a copy today over on our Limited Run webstore.


It’s been a minute since we last heard from Broadcaster, Long Island’s favorite pop-rock sons, but they’re back with a brand new release that features for the first time on vinyl their 2011 digital only EP Joyride along with the three tracks from 2012’s seven inch release Tightrope Walker and previously unreleased acoustic versions of the tracks off of Joyride. Pressed on limited Coke Bottle Clear, Black, and Spring Green/Light Blue color in a color vinyl and reworked artwork, this limited pressing will remind you how much fun this band is!

We’ve also launched a preorder for the Coke Bottle Clear and Black vinyl now up on our Limited Run and Bandcamp page. Both come with immediate digital downloads of the entire record with your purchase. If that weren’t enough, we’ve got a few copies of the Tightrope Walker 7″ hanging around that office that we’re going to include with preorders until we run out, so pick up an LP today and we’ll include a copy with your order while supplies last!

Big shout out to for premiering ‘Vacation Days’ last week. In case you missed it check out the video below…


Earlier this year Mind Power released one of the heaviest records of 2021, aptly named Self Torture.

We’re stoked to work with the fine folks over at No Echo to bring you a brand new lyric video for the track “Grounded”.

Originally released as quarterly digital only releases by the band, the 11 tracks off of Self Torture read like a book that’s woven from those releases with a cathartic, brutally honest, and at times self deprecating voice.

Featuring vocals from ex-A Life Once Lost frontman Robert Meadows and a lineup that includes former members of Ligeia, Dead End Path, and Bring the HeatSelf Torture features guest appearances from notable metal standouts like Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan, Darkest Hour’s John Henry and Michael Schleibaum, The Red Chord’s Mike McKenzie, and Most Precious Blood’s Rob Fusco just to name a few. Remastered by heavy music heavyweight Alan Douches, Mind Power’s first physical release is as heavy and earnest as the vinyl is beautiful.

You can still grab a copy of the limited Red & Black Splatter vinyl as well as the Opaque White on our new Limited Run webstore and Bandcamp page.


That’s right, we’ve finally got a new WEBSTORE!

Click on the link to check out our new Limited Run webstore. We’re slowly adding older back catalog items, but you can now get physical and digital copies of our latest releases direct from us as well as immediately when you purchase some vinyl, etc.

Look for new releases and pre-orders going up on the new Webstore in the weeks to come!


Happy release day to Mind Power!

To celebrate we’ve teamed up with the fine folks over at Decibel Magazine to premiere Mind Power’s brand new video for the track “Mess”.

In the midst of a pandemic Winter dive into the depth’s of Mind Power frontman Robert Meadows’ mind on a bleak journey through darkness and snow in an almost tortured existence beyond dealing with the daily reality of Covid. Written before the pandemic, “Mess” could have easily been a diatribe on the daily life we’ve all come to know all too well the past over the past year, yet here we are.


Just a quick heads up that Mind Power’s Self Torture vinyl goes on sale tomorrow starting at 11AM!

This limited pressing of 300 is available on Translucent Red/Black Splatter and Solid White and comes in a beautiful gatefold jacket. Each purchase comes with an immediate digital download as well as unlimited streaming access to the record via the Bandcamp app.

Featuring vocals from ex-A Life Once Lost frontman Robert Meadows and a lineup that includes former members of Ligeia, Dead End Path, and Bring the Heat, Self Torture features guest appearances from notable metal standouts like Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan, Darkest Hour’s John Henry and Michael Schleibaum, The Red Chord’s Mike McKenzie, and Most Precious Blood’s Rob Fusco just to name a few.

Originally released as quarterly digital only releases by the band, the 11 tracks off of Self Torture read like a book that’s woven from those releases with a cathartic, brutally honest, and at times self deprecating voice. Remastered by heavy music heavyweight Alan Douches, Mind Power’s first physical release is as heavy and earnest as the vinyl is beautiful.