Saturday, December 2nd, 2023
Broken Goblet Brewing
Bensalem, PA 19020
18+ to Enter / 21+ to Party

Sets by A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, Bitter Branches, You Vandal, Broadcaster, All Eyes West, Metroplex, Title Holder, Bad Planning, American Thrills, Wes Hoffman & Friends, Worried Sick and Last Century.

It only makes sense that Jump Start Records would celebrate 25 years of putting out records in the middle of a global pandemic, right? So yeah, the 25th Anniversary didn’t go down in 2021 like we had hoped, but here we are at 25 plus two and what originally was planned as a label anniversary show has now morphed into 30 MINUTE FEST.

Honestly, the name and idea came about because when you throw a bigger show with more than 4 or 5 bands most of the bands are playing 30 minute sets anyway. Plus, I’m nearly 50 and my surgically repaired right knee isn’t fond of standing on hard concrete floors for all that long without being reminded of my place in the hierarchy of this world, not to mention when word got out that I was putting this on a few ‘friends of friends’ reached out and asked if they could play and I’m a sucker and can never say no.

So, here we are, 13 bands all playing 30 minute sets between two stages except for the last two on the Main Stage. I hope to make this a regular thing because I think this is going to be a ton of fun. Fast, loud, and fun. Let’s do this!

Head on over to the Broken Goblet website and grab some tickets now and let’s party!


It’s been a hot minute…

We’re excited to finally get moving forward on the new Title Holder LP What Better Time that drops digitlally this Friday, June 2nd on your favorite music services. You can check out the first two new singles from What Better Time over on our Bandamp page along with some killer videos the band has done for not only these two tracks but the tracks from their Story of My Life EP that make up the A-Side of this killer release.

We’re also launching a vinyl pre-order for What Better Time along with Friday’s digital release so be sure to snag a limited copy of the Cotton Candy Pink, Lime Green Swirl, or classic Black vinyl.

What Better Time, Title Holder’s first vinyl release, includes for the first time a physical release of The Story of My Life EP along with seven new tracks recorded with Nik Bruzzese at The Gradwell House and mastered at Sun Room Audio by Dan Coutant. Chris DeMakes and Buddy Schaub from Less Than Jake also contributed in production and collaboration to help bring Title Holder’s first recordings and release to life.

Mark your calendars for this week’s digital drop and vinyl pre-order!


Fresh off the heals of an appearance at Random Hand’s 20th Anniversary bash, Hand Fest, Jump Start and TNS Records are excited to launch the pre-order for Faintest Idea’s upcoming March 31st release The Road to Sedition. To celebrate we’ve got four killer vinyl variants to choose from. Exclusive to the States we have 100 copies each available in Orange Ghostly and Transparent Orange Crush. Both Jump Start and TNS have copies available on Randomly Mixed Color vinyl as well.

UK and European fans can grab the exclusive Half Orange/Half Green split color vinyl from our good friends from TNS Records. Head on over to TNS Records and pick up a copy!

Don’t miss Faintest Idea on their first US Tour with The Slackers this April including dates with The Pietasters and Fishbone as well!

Mon, Apr 17th – Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade
Tue, Apr 18th – Charleston, SC at Tin Roof Alley
Wed, Apr 19th – Charlotte, NC at Neighborhood Theatre
Thu, Apr 20th – Blacksburg, VA at The Lyric w/The Pietasters
Fri, Apr 21st – Baltimore, MD at Soundstage w/Fishbone
Sat, Apr 22nd – Bensalem, PA at Broken Goblet Brewing/This Is Not Croydon Fest 4
Sun, Apr 23rd – Pittsburgh, PA at The Crafthouse


If necessity is the mother of invention, then it’s no surprise that Title Holder’s creation was born at the height of the Covid pandemic. Formed in 2020 by then Queens-based singer/songwriter Matt Sullivan, Sullivan’s take on ska and pop-punk is an honest and earnest take on two genres that have seen their fair share of silly fads and trends. The result is Title Holder’s undeniable energy and pop sensibility that quickly gained the attention of Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake who produced and helped arrange several of the tracks from Sullivan’s first recorded effort, the six song EP The Story of My Life.

The band’s diligent work ethic and creative music videos helped the band build a supportive following coming out of the pandemic. Ready and eager to bring their energetic live show on the road the band followed the release of The Story of My Life by sharing the stage and supporting the likes of The Pietasters, Mustard Plug, Catbite, Spring Heeled Jack, J. Navarro & The Traitors and more. Milwaukee based Interstate Music also chose Title Holder as their 2022 pick as ‘Best New Band’ giving the band even more momentum going into 2023.

With that momentum the band is excited to announce the release “Going Insane”, the first track from What Better Time, their first vinyl release which includes for the first time a physical release of The Story of My Life EP along with seven new tracks recorded with Nik Bruzzese at The Gradwell House and mastered at Sun Room Audio by Dan Coutant. Slated for a June 2nd release, What Better Time shows Sullivan’s keen pop sensibilities and lyrical wit on full display.


It’s been a long time since this band has been talked about around these parts, but “New Year, who dis?”

Full disclosure, this is a bit of ‘self-promotion’ since we’re going to talk about a band I played in a long, long time ago…

Two decades ago in a college town in the middle of Pennsylvania a group of six idiots sprang forth with a goal of drinking a metric shit ton of beer and playing some sort of mix of horn driven pop-punk that was too ska for the punk kids and too punk for the ska kids. Or something like that.

That group was No On 15 and from town to they spread their infectious blend of party anthem pop-punk punctuated by a three piece horn section and a lot of beer. And I mean a lot of beer. See what I’m getting at there

Over 20 moons ago the band set out to work with Steve Foote (of Big D & the Kids Table fame) at Fork In Hand Studios to record their opus. To mix the record the band headed to Fort Collins, Colorado to work with the legendary Bill Stevenson of The Descendents/The Blasting Room fame. It was honestly some of the craziest shit I’ve ever done and seen. We got to record with one of our favorite and most respected dudes in Steve and mix with arguably the best punk drummer ever. Oh yeah, and we got to see Bill Stevenson fart/shartle on a glass door in the studio. I shit you not, but I digress.

Like just about every good punk story it wasn’t to be. Before a planned tour with The Code and the release of Meet the Lads the band fell apart like all ‘legendary’ bands should leaving the rest to stories and myths.

Eventually Meet the Lads was released digitally and maybe someday it’ll get a proper vinyl/physical release. It’s been in the works for a bit… just needs a few loose ends to make that happen, but in the meantime why not have a lil’ fun? Would or does anyone even really care? Probably not, but why the ‘F’ not, right?

Three of the songs that were never included with Meet the Lads but part of the Fork In Hand/Blasting Room recording and mixing sessions were sort of forgotten. When cleaning through the Jump Start basement I came across some old discs with all the original mixing files from those sessions, and low and behold there were two songs outright that had never been released with a third song that had only been released on a label compilation way back in the day, albeit a different version. So, two of these songs, “Party at Fuz’s” and “Valerie” are seeing the light of day for the first time ever with this being the first time The Blasting Room mix/version of “Bottle of Rossier” has ever been released.

Having never done a picture 7″ release, now seemed like the perfect time so we recruited long time friend of the band, Brian Dumm of The Keystone All-Stars fame, to handle the artwork for this killer release. Having played a basement show or two with us, Brian knew exactly how to capture a No On 15 house show and his artwork brings back a few infamous parties and memories for sure.

This release is limited to 100 copies. Outside of some act of God this is never being pressed again, so if sophomoric, immature, party pop-punk and ska are your thing pickup a copy and trip the light nostalgic with me. Head on over to our webstore to grab a copy.

Because the lyrics aren’t immature enough, here’s a sweet lyric video that is definitely NSFW.



Man, it’s been a busy, busy month. I have no clue where September went. Between a busy work travel month back and forth between Tennessee and my upcoming work related travel for the paying gig back to Germany this week, September was flat out INSANE and the next three weeks show no signs of slowing down either. I can tell you this though… Hard Mountain Dew is a thing, and while it may have ‘Zero Sugar’, it’s not worth the price of admission if you ask me. But, I digress…

During my travels through the hills of Eastern Tennessee our good buddies over the UK, Faintest Idea, dropped the first single, “Nose Dive” from the forthcoming LP, The Road to Sedition, due out Spring of 2023 on Jump Start here in North America and TNS Records in the UK/Europe.

Those unfamiliar with this hard charging UK outfit would be well served to check out their Bandcamp page for a heavy dose of Oi! and 2-Tone influenced ska-punk with a heavy Chomsky-vibe. It’s been a while since a ska-punk band with not so subtle social commentary has gained my attention, but these guys certainly did.

“Nose Dive” is available on all your favorite streaming platforms right now and to have a bit of fun with it all the band has also dropped a lyric video for the track which you can check out right below.

Be on the lookout for more from Faintest Idea in the coming months before the new LP drops including their first ever trek across the Atlantic for some dates in early 2023.


Time are excited to present “In Your Head,” the latest single to be lifted from the Friday, July 22 release of the band’s debut album, Hydrangea (pre-order some super sick limited vinyl RIGHT HERE). The fine folks over at No Echo are premiering “In Your Head” and you can also stream the track on your favorite digital platform.

Time’s ‘90s-inspired grunge-pop presents the question, “How much damage do you have to inflict on yourself before you’re reminded you’re still alive?” and bring you “In Your Head”, a self-deprecating song about our tendency to rely on vices or dependencies as excuses to avoid acceptance or accountability. “My writing has always been extremely self-critical,” said guitarist Jon Hunt of Time. “‘In Your Head’ ended up being the output of what happens when frustration and exasperation turn into self-reflection, and the grappling with the unintended self-destruction that brings about. Life is messy, and that is OK.” Stream “In Your Head” on YouTube HERE and via No Echo HERE.

While its core members are veterans of Philly’s hardcore scene via bands such as Kill Verona, No Roses and Shark Attack, Time’s own inspiration and sound is derived from the dark and heavy shoegaze/noise-pop of touchstones such as My Bloody Valentine, Sugar, Swervedriver and Catherine Wheel but with its own blushing melody and shine.


Jump Start Records and Philadelphia-based quintet Time are excited to announce the Friday, July 22nd release of the band’s debut album, Hydrangea. The band is now streaming the first single, “Wallow”, on Bandcamp and YouTube and we’ve also launched a PRE-ORDER over on our Limited Run Webstore. The first pressing is available on Opaque White, Purple with White and Pink Splatter, and Coke Bottle Clear with Purple Splatter (Subscription Club only) vinyl.

While its core members are veterans of Philly’s hardcore scene via bands such as Kill Verona, No Roses and Shark Attack, Time’s own inspiration and sound is derived from the dark and heavy shoegaze/noise-pop of touchstones such as My Bloody Valentine, Sugar, Swervedriver and Catherine Wheel but with its own blushing melody and shine.

Time’s initial release, 2018’s In Decline EP (Low Dose Records), set the foundation for what Hydrangea would build upon; nuanced layers of delayed guitars, lyrically fluid bass progressions and two-part vocal melodies, all anchored to a confidently nimble backbeat.

“Maybe it’s time I said goodbye”

A declaration of farewells serve as the hook for “Adios”, the opener of Hydrangea. It may seem odd to open your debut showcase with an expression reserved for parting, but given the circumstances under which Hydrangea was created, it’s not that strange.

Entering New Jersey’s Gradwell House studios with producer Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) during the beginning of the pandemic, the members of Time — Paul Butterly (guitar), Chris Margarite (vocals/guitar) and Jon Hunt (guitar/vocals) joined by then-rhythm section Tony Rossi (drums) and Matt Whiteford (bass) — committed Hydrangea’s nine tracks to tape while the world around them descended into oblivion.

The album is an indisputably diverse effort. Cuts like the pummeling post-hardcore adjacent “Wallow”and brooding overdriven bass intro of “Color Me Comfortable” cozy up against the aforementioned “Adios,” an almost sunny tune paying homage to Nineties Brit-rock. In early support of Hydrangea — joined by new rhythm section Jon Van Dine (drums) and Scott Signorino (bass) — Time has shared the stage with acts like One Step Closer, Comeback Kid and Off with Their Heads. And while freed from the isolation of the pandemic, and despite its own lyrics, Time has just arrived and won’t be saying goodbye any time soon.

Check out the first single from Hydrangea, grab some limited vinyl, and be on the lookout for more stuff from these guys in the coming weeks leading up to the July 22nd release!


Happy release day to the fellas from Bad Planning! Oh yeah, it’s also BANDCAMP FRIDAY! Head on over to Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, or any of your favorite digital and streaming services or grab a copy of Et Fortes on vinyl from our Limited Run webstore or Bandcamp page. Did we mention that it’s BANDCAMP FRIDAY too? Et Fortes is available on Randomly Mixed color vinyl, Translucent Gold with Black Splatter (Subscription Club only), and audiophile Black and showcases the band’s love of riff heavy hardcore, skate punk, and pop punk.


With one week to go the fellas from Bad Planning just dropped their first video for the track “A Year Without Sleep” from their upcoming LP Et Fortes. The fine folks over at Punk Rock Theory were kind enough to premiere it, so smash the link below and head on over to check it out!


PRE-ORDERS for Et Fortes are NOW SHIPPING and feature some of the slickest vinyl we’ve ever had pressed. Slated for a May 6th release, Et Fortes is available on Randomly Mixed color vinyl, Translucent Gold with Black Splatter (Subscription Club only), and audiophile Black showcasing the band’s love of riff heavy hardcore, skate punk, and pop punk.


Bad Planning is keeping busy with a slew of shows in the coming weeks to celebrate the release of Et Fortes. They’ll also be playing some shows with labelmates You Vandal around the Midwest. Details below…

05/13/2022 – Indianapolis, IN at Hoosier Dome with Cold Streets, Action-Adventure, C-Rex and The Day After

05/27/2022 – Franklin, WI at JJ’s with Kule, Telethon, You Vandal and Honey Creek

05/28/2022 – Aurora, IL at Halfway House with Backroom, Life Looks Good and You Vandal