There’s a lot more for me to say about this release, but the proper words to give this release any justice are proving hard to find. Through the years the guys from Thru It All have been good friends, but not without our ups and downs, which is typical of any relationship when you’ve known someone for as long as we have. I’ve missed these songs, especially their youthful energy and the times spent with three wide-eyed near twenty-something year old ‘kids’ living life on the road for the first time. At nearly 50 I think of these days often… time spent seeing the Milky Way in South Dakote brighter than I’ve ever seen before or since, the Northern Lights from the rooftop of a garage in Fort McMurray, Canada, and almost being arrested by local cops in Midland, Texas for playing lazer tag in a large shopping center parking lot. Those are but just a few of many that I’ll never forget (especially breaking my ankle jumping off a boat onto hard concrete at a DIY Storage Lot/Unit show outside Tampa, Florida). I’m happy these songs are seeing the light of day again. It helps the faded memories burn a little brighter again.

Back in 2006 three Philly hardcore kids recorded a four song EP with a, at the time, a relatively unknown producer named Will Yip, then piled into a van and hit the road with Giving Chase for a 50 day tour across US and Canada. After seven weeks on the road filled with broken down vans, killer shows and random garage and basement shows, THRU IT ALL returned to Philly with zero in the gas tank and bank accounts. Luckily they had this gem of an EP under their belts that sounds as fresh today as it did when the band worked with Will before he became a Grammy nominated Producer and Engineer.

Four songs of youthful hardcore that wouldn’t be unfamiliar to fans of bands like Comeback Kid, With Honor, and fellow Philly standouts Kid Dynamite. Sing-alongs, pile-ons, and all the mosh you could ask for now available on your favorite streaming service or ‘Name Your Price’ (zero dollars if you feel inclined) on our Bandcamp page right now.

Time to two-step it into the weekend.


Time are excited to present “In Your Head,” the latest single to be lifted from the Friday, July 22 release of the band’s debut album, Hydrangea (pre-order some super sick limited vinyl RIGHT HERE). The fine folks over at No Echo are premiering “In Your Head” and you can also stream the track on your favorite digital platform.

Time’s ‘90s-inspired grunge-pop presents the question, “How much damage do you have to inflict on yourself before you’re reminded you’re still alive?” and bring you “In Your Head”, a self-deprecating song about our tendency to rely on vices or dependencies as excuses to avoid acceptance or accountability. “My writing has always been extremely self-critical,” said guitarist Jon Hunt of Time. “‘In Your Head’ ended up being the output of what happens when frustration and exasperation turn into self-reflection, and the grappling with the unintended self-destruction that brings about. Life is messy, and that is OK.” Stream “In Your Head” on YouTube HERE and via No Echo HERE.

While its core members are veterans of Philly’s hardcore scene via bands such as Kill Verona, No Roses and Shark Attack, Time’s own inspiration and sound is derived from the dark and heavy shoegaze/noise-pop of touchstones such as My Bloody Valentine, Sugar, Swervedriver and Catherine Wheel but with its own blushing melody and shine.