Split (JST-093)

Band : ,
Title : Split (JST-093)
Release Date : June 11, 2014
Label : Jump Start Records
Catalog ref. : JST-093
Format : Vinyl


All Eyes West and Easy Creatures each provide an exclusive track for this split seven-inch. All Eyes West recorded their track, with the legendary J. Robbins, during the same session of their upcoming full length and gives a taste of what they will be serving up on their new LP. Easy Creatures is a new melodic post-hardcore band from the Philadelphia region featuring former members of Walleye, The Bad Luck 13 Extravaganza, and Railhead. If you’re into Samiam and early Jawbox, these guys will be right up your alley.

Vinyl Pressing Information:

First Pressing – 500 Total – Hand Screenprinted Inserts
200 Randomly Mixed Color Vinyl
300 Black