Band :
Title : How It Should Be
Release Date : February 23, 2024
Label : Jump Start Records
Catalog ref. : JST-139
Format : Vinyl


Ten tracks of passionate and heartfelt melodic pop/skate-punk from St. Louis.

With a sound that harkens back to when skate-punk was king (think late 90s/early 2000s EpiFat) Wes Hoffman & Friends display a youthful energy while delivering insightful lyrics based on the complexities of modern adulthood. Old dudes keepin’ it real; many of the songs touch on subjects like mental health, relationships beginning and ending, loved ones passing away, and rediscovering who you are. Hook-laden songs and numerous “whoa-oh’s” and “hey-hey’s,” making it impossible to not fall in love with Wes’ sincerity and earnest nature.

Vinyl Pressing Information

1st Pressing – 500 Total

100 Neon Coral/Smoke
100 Baby Blue/White A/B
100 Coke Bottle Clear (Wrecking Crew/Canada Exclusive)
200 Black