Band :
Title : Career Suicide
Release Date : October 9, 2007
Label : Jump Start Records
Catalog ref. : JST-057
Format : Vinyl


Considered by many as one of the groundbreaking records in the technical skate-punk and melodic punk sound, this record really needs no introduction or description. A Wilhelm Scream’s third full-length record (fourth if you consider the repressing of Benefits of Thinking Out Loud under the AWS moniker), if you don’t have this record, you’re seriously fucking up.

Vinyl Pressing Information:

First Pressing – 1000 Total
500 Marble Grey Vinyl
500 Opaque Yellow Vinyl

Second Pressing – 1000 Total
500 Translucent Blue Vinyl
500 Translucent Slime Green Vinyl

Third Pressing – 500 Total
Black 180 Gram Vinyl

Fourth Pressing – 250 Total
Black (Standard Weight) Vinyl