Band :
Title : Absolutely Not
Release Date : January 26, 2010
Label : Jump Start Records
Catalog ref. : JST-062
Format : Vinyl


Not simply a throwback to early ’80s hardcore, Lighten Up play fast and pissed off hardcore in a time when hardcore bands call Slayer more of an influence than Minor Threat or Bad Brains. Hard to argue with that considering Absolutely Not throws 12 songs at you in just over 17 minutes. Putting raw energy and passion to tape is something few bands are able to do, but Absolutely Not is 17 minutes of blitzkrieg hardcore punk that is sure to make people stand and take notice, if not for the fact that the record is just about over in the blink of an eye or the tongue in check lyrics and attitude that the band has come to be known; something so rare in today’s cookie cutter online hardcore scene.

Vinyl Pressing Information:

First Pressing – 500 Total
Opaque Baby Blue Vinyl

Second Pressing – 300 Total
Translucent Red Vinyl