New Prints: Koozies!

Posted by Jeremy on 04-18-2011 03:51:54 UTC

Here we've got some fresh new koozies that we printed up for our buddies from The Anchor Boys, Crucial Dudes, and a few for ourselves. Hot shit, right? Right now we're offering one color/two sided printing for only $2.50 a piece on koozies. Get in touch if this is something you think you might want to have for your band, group, or bachelor party!

Shop News: Price Increases?

Posted by Jeremy on 04-18-2011 03:46:53 UTC

So, the cotton mills have once again increased their prices meaning our distributors have raised our prices another 7 to 12 percent. We've decided NOT to increase our prices this go round and absorb that cost instead of passing it off on our customers. We probably won't be able to absorb the next price increase, but for now, we're holding steady. Let's see how long this one lasts.

New Prints: Williamstown High School Save Club

Posted by Jeremy on 03-21-2011 19:41:04 UTC

Here's a quick couple of shots of the recent order for Williamstown High School's Save Club. Fun stuff!

New Prints: Hazards, St. James & the Apostles, Phils Brassnuks, and Step Up OLC

Posted by Jeremy on 03-17-2011 23:26:41 UTC

A bunch of fun prints that have come through the shop lately.

New Prints: One Win Choice and Bella Vista

Posted by Jeremy on 03-11-2011 18:33:55 UTC

Nice pics of some stuff we printed this week!

New Prints: Friendship Lounge, Woe, Nana Petrillos, and Crossfit

Posted by Jeremy on 03-07-2011 22:46:43 UTC

I said we've been busy, right?

New Prints: American Royalty, Anchor Boys, Extract

Posted by Jeremy on 03-07-2011 22:42:54 UTC

We've been super busy lately, and here's some new stuff we've done for American Royalty, The Anchor Boys, and Extract.

New Prints: High Ground MMA, Seek to Thrill, and Woods of Ypres Tees

Posted by Jeremy on 02-02-2011 19:01:19 UTC

Fun times in the shop this week. Here's what we've been up to.

New Prints: Crucial Dudes and the Anchor Boys

Posted by Jeremy on 01-31-2011 06:05:22 UTC

Two awesome new prints for the Crucial Dudes and The Anchor Boys. That Crudes jammer is six colors. Word. Peep 'em.

And like always, those are actual photos of the prints, not some lame superimposed image of the design put up on some mocked up tee or hoodie template. We're proud of our work and aren't so lazy that we can't take a picture or two just to show you. If a printer isn't showing you his work he's hiding something, just keep that mind.

New Prints: Office of Future Plans, No Regrets, Handguns

Posted by Jeremy on 01-26-2011 15:29:38 UTC

Januay is usually a slow month, but we're always on the move. Brand new prints from Office of Future Plans (J. Robbins new band), No Regrets, and Handguns!

New Prints: Crucial Dudes, One Win Choice, Green Rock Tavern, and Infernal Stronghold

Posted by Jeremy on 01-26-2011 15:24:52 UTC

Can't believe it's been over a month since our last update, so here's a few pics of what's come off the press lately!

New Prints: Strike Anywhere, Daytrader, One Win Choice Poster

Posted by Jeremy on 12-23-2010 21:08:56 UTC

Here's a brand new poster we just printed for the upcoming Strike Anywhere, Daytrader, and One Win Choice show at The Barbary in Philly. It's a four color print on 80lb French Paper stock. We'll have them at the show at the One Win Choice merch table, so please stop by and say hello!

For more info on the show please visit R5 Production's website for more information and tickets!

New Prints: Neshaminy Creek Brewing Prints

Posted by Jeremy on 12-17-2010 17:14:22 UTC

Here's a brand new tee design and print for the new craft beer brewery startup, Neshaminy Creek Brewing. Yeah!

New Prints: More Stubborn Records Prints

Posted by Jeremy on 12-17-2010 17:08:44 UTC

Always fun to print stuff for our good friend King Django and Stubborn Records! Here's some reprints we've done recently.

New Prints: Fest 9 Prints

Posted by Jeremy on 12-17-2010 17:06:16 UTC

Again this year we were lucky and happy enough to be able to help the fine folks from No Idea Records by printing shirts for Fest. Haven't been to Fest yet? You done fucked up. Best festival of the year, hands down. Entirely to much fun to even begin describing. Aw yeah, ma. Here are the three prints we did this year.

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Jump Start Screenprinting is owned and operated by Jump Start Records. The idea to start printing professionally was a logical choice for the label, seeing as for years we had been printing one-color t-shirts and patches for many of the bands both on the label and friendly to the cause. We say it was a logical choice mainly because we knew how to print, had extensive printing experience in the past, but didn't have a full-blown professional press, dryers, or other essential tools to run a pro-printing shop.

In December 2001, after years of contracting out print work, we purchased a professional four-color press, flash, and tunnel dryers to help get the shop on its feet. We now have the ability to print t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise up to six colors, and can do so at affordable and competitive prices as compared to other local and regional print shops. We also specialize in hand printed posters, record sleeves and inserts, and CD packaging. We cater specifically to bands in the area, and offer discounts and credit for those that are in need for high volume jobs and are short on cash. We are a print shop run by musicians for musicians. We know what you want, what you're looking for, and we're pretty sure we can get it to you with a quick turnaround time, solid pricing, and superior quality prints.

If you're looking for quality prints on sweatshop free high quality garments, you've come to the right place! If quality and ethics are more important to you than the lowest price possible, we offer a wide selection of garments that are sweatshop free, 100% American made in addition to those from all the major mills/brands. Whatever your needs, we're here to help you get the best quality prints for to fit your wallet and your conscience!


Mixing custom ink colors can be costly, so we use standard ink colors from various manufacturers. This is our current stand ink availability chart. If you'd like to use a color that isn't included below you may do so but keep in mind all custom mixed inks require specific Pantone colors and cost $25 for each mixed color.

We've included the approximate Pantone color for each of the inks in our chart so please use them when designing your artwork unless you plan on using custom mixed Pantone colors in your order. Keep in mind, several factors effect the way you view each individual color like monitor type, video card type and capabilities, monitor color calibration settings, lighting conditions when using your computer, etc. We do our best to provide you with the most accurate color choices but only guarantee exact color matching if you order custom mixed Pantone colors.

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Check out some pictures of work that we printed in 2011 right here.


Here's a very partial list of some great bands, companies, and people we've printed for since 2001:

A-F Records
A Wilhelm Scream - Paper + Plastik
All About Records
Aspiga - Solidarity Recordings
Astpai - Jump Start Records
Big Beer Guy
Big D & the Kids Table - Side One Dummy Records
Black Anvil - Relapse Records
Blacklisted - Deathwish Recordings
Canyon Pizza - State College, PA
DK Bikes
Drexel University Physics Department
Drexel Voice
Eastern Bikes
Eastern Standard Time - Grover Records
Eulogy Belgian Tavern - Philadelphia, PA
Fest/No Idea Records
Ghastly City Sleep - Robotic Empire
Giving Chase - Jump Start Records
Harvest of Hope Festival
It's A King Thing
Landmines - Paper + Plastik
Much the Same - A-F Records
Nomadic Wax Records
No Trigger - Nitro Records
None More Black - Fat Wreck Chords
Oakcrest High School - Mays Landing, NJ
Print Liberation
Relevant Magazine
Retard Riot
River Horse Brewing Company - Lambertville, NJ
Rolling Barrel Events
Salior Jerry Clothing
Stubborn Records
Temple University Geology Club
Thinker Thought Records
The Code - A-F Records
The Snake, The Cross, The Crown - Equal Vision Records
Tokyo Police Club - Saddle Creek Recordings
Williamstown High School - Williamstown, NJ
Woe - Candlelight Records
Zolof the Rock 'n Roll Destroyer - Eyeball Records