Shop News: Stubborn Records, Seek to Thrill, Friends of Midtown

Posted by Jeremy on 11-14-2011 21:20:07 UTC

Even more prints from the past few months....

New Prints: Air Team, Aspiga, Murderburgers

Posted by Jeremy on 11-14-2011 21:17:30 UTC

Here are some prints we did a few weeks back (re:months) for Air Team (Colin from None More Black's mechanical service company), Aspiga, and The Murderburgers (great pop-punk ala The Ramones from Scotland).

New Prints: This Is Hardcore 2011 Posters

Posted by Jeremy on 11-14-2011 18:31:52 UTC

Don't know why we didn't post these back in August, but here's a pic of the poster we printed for This Is Hardcore Fest 2011. Two colors, 18x24 inches in size, and one mother of a halftone.

New Prints: All Eyes West, Infernal Stronghold, Atrophia, and Hisdayhascome

Posted by Jeremy on 11-14-2011 18:28:47 UTC

Here are four prints we've done recently from All Eyes West, Infernal Stronghold, Atrophia, and Hisdayhascome. We also did 250 hand printed 7" inserts for Infernal Stronghold for a split flexi disc they did with Absu for their recent Northeast US tour. We'll have pics of those up soon since it's really one of the coolest releases we've seen done in a while.

New Prints: None More Black

Posted by Jeremy on 11-14-2011 18:23:45 UTC

They don't tour a whole lot, but when they do we're super stoked to be able to help the guys from None More Black out with whatever they need printed. Here are three new designs they printed for their recent run down the East Coast.

New Prints: Youngblood Records: Justice LP Sleeves

Posted by Jeremy on 11-14-2011 18:14:49 UTC

Here are two pics of the front and back of the Justice Escapades LP jackets we printed for Youngblood Records.

There were two color versions printed, one in royal blue and the other in pearl purple, which is one of the coolest inks we've ever seen (think metallic inks but with a glossier look).

New Prints: Fest 10, In-Sane, and Astpai

Posted by Jeremy on 11-14-2011 18:09:46 UTC

To say the least, we've been super busy since our last update. Here's a smattering of stuff we've printed lately!

First up are some pics of the two designs we printed for our good friends from The Fest this year. This is our third year in a row printing for The Fest and once again we had a great time down in Gainesville. Maybe a little too much fun! Fuck.

Next up are two designs for our friends from In-Sane, one of the best bands you've most likely never heard of, but that should change. In-Sane call Slovania home and are seriously one of the most technical and lightening fast bands I've ever seen, and they do it as a three-piece to boot. In-Sane just finished their first US tour with the guys from Hisdayhascome and we can't wait to see them back on this side of the pond sometime soon!

Not to be outdone, our good friends from Astpai represented Europe quite well at Fest this year too! Here's two designs we printed for their two week East Coast tour with One Win Choice that included a stop in Gainesville.

That's not even scratching the surface of what we've been up to lately. Oh yeah!

New Prints: Crucial Dudes Record Release Poster

Posted by Jeremy on 08-01-2011 20:03:41 UTC

Check out these awesome posters we did for the Crucial Dudes record release show that went down last month at the Auction House in Audubon, New Jersey. BOOSH!

New Prints: Dick & Rips Shell and Bella Vista Distribution

Posted by Jeremy on 06-13-2011 15:59:15 UTC

New Prints: Woe and Temple Geology Club

Posted by Jeremy on 06-13-2011 15:56:53 UTC

New Prints: The Holy Mess

Posted by Jeremy on 06-13-2011 15:46:22 UTC

We just printed four brand new designs for The Holy Mess, who are on tour right now with The Flatliners. Their new self-titled record comes out June 14th! Party!

New Prints: By Surprise Record Release Poster

Posted by Jeremy on 06-13-2011 15:40:07 UTC

Here's a pic of the posters we printed for the By Surprise record release show for their brand new LP, Mountain Smashers.

General: Quick Update

Posted by Jeremy on 06-09-2011 21:39:15 UTC

Sorry we've been so M.I.A. lately. Since our quick trip over to Europe for Groezrock we've been swamped with some awesome prints from the likes of Philly Beer Scene Magazine, Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company, The Holy Mess, All Eyes West, Eulogy Belgian Tavern, Drednaut Designs, and Cantina Feliz. We'll have some awesome pics posted shortly, as well as some other important site updates, so stay tuned!

Shop News: Vacation Time

Posted by Jeremy on 04-18-2011 03:59:19 UTC

Just giving everyone a heads up that the print shop will be closed from Tuesday, April 18th to Thursday, April 28th. We're going to be heading over to Europe to check out Groezrock with our friends from Kings Road Merch. Should be a rager! We'll be back in the shop on Friday, April 29th to catch up on emails and orders, but feel free to hit us up via email as we'll have Internet access pretty often while we're gone. See you in May!

New Prints: Crucial Dudes, Rolling Barrel, Drexel Engineering, and Only Ghost in Town

Posted by Jeremy on 04-18-2011 03:54:22 UTC

Super busy right now, so here's a peek at some new prints.

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Jump Start Screenprinting is owned and operated by Jump Start Records. The idea to start printing professionally was a logical choice for the label, seeing as for years we had been printing one-color t-shirts and patches for many of the bands both on the label and friendly to the cause. We say it was a logical choice mainly because we knew how to print, had extensive printing experience in the past, but didn't have a full-blown professional press, dryers, or other essential tools to run a pro-printing shop.

In December 2001, after years of contracting out print work, we purchased a professional four-color press, flash, and tunnel dryers to help get the shop on its feet. We now have the ability to print t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise up to six colors, and can do so at affordable and competitive prices as compared to other local and regional print shops. We also specialize in hand printed posters, record sleeves and inserts, and CD packaging. We cater specifically to bands in the area, and offer discounts and credit for those that are in need for high volume jobs and are short on cash. We are a print shop run by musicians for musicians. We know what you want, what you're looking for, and we're pretty sure we can get it to you with a quick turnaround time, solid pricing, and superior quality prints.

If you're looking for quality prints on sweatshop free high quality garments, you've come to the right place! If quality and ethics are more important to you than the lowest price possible, we offer a wide selection of garments that are sweatshop free, 100% American made in addition to those from all the major mills/brands. Whatever your needs, we're here to help you get the best quality prints for to fit your wallet and your conscience!


Mixing custom ink colors can be costly, so we use standard ink colors from various manufacturers. This is our current stand ink availability chart. If you'd like to use a color that isn't included below you may do so but keep in mind all custom mixed inks require specific Pantone colors and cost $25 for each mixed color.

We've included the approximate Pantone color for each of the inks in our chart so please use them when designing your artwork unless you plan on using custom mixed Pantone colors in your order. Keep in mind, several factors effect the way you view each individual color like monitor type, video card type and capabilities, monitor color calibration settings, lighting conditions when using your computer, etc. We do our best to provide you with the most accurate color choices but only guarantee exact color matching if you order custom mixed Pantone colors.

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Check out some pictures of work that we printed in 2011 right here.


Here's a very partial list of some great bands, companies, and people we've printed for since 2001:

A-F Records
A Wilhelm Scream - Paper + Plastik
All About Records
Aspiga - Solidarity Recordings
Astpai - Jump Start Records
Big Beer Guy
Big D & the Kids Table - Side One Dummy Records
Black Anvil - Relapse Records
Blacklisted - Deathwish Recordings
Canyon Pizza - State College, PA
DK Bikes
Drexel University Physics Department
Drexel Voice
Eastern Bikes
Eastern Standard Time - Grover Records
Eulogy Belgian Tavern - Philadelphia, PA
Fest/No Idea Records
Ghastly City Sleep - Robotic Empire
Giving Chase - Jump Start Records
Harvest of Hope Festival
It's A King Thing
Landmines - Paper + Plastik
Much the Same - A-F Records
Nomadic Wax Records
No Trigger - Nitro Records
None More Black - Fat Wreck Chords
Oakcrest High School - Mays Landing, NJ
Print Liberation
Relevant Magazine
Retard Riot
River Horse Brewing Company - Lambertville, NJ
Rolling Barrel Events
Salior Jerry Clothing
Stubborn Records
Temple University Geology Club
Thinker Thought Records
The Code - A-F Records
The Snake, The Cross, The Crown - Equal Vision Records
Tokyo Police Club - Saddle Creek Recordings
Williamstown High School - Williamstown, NJ
Woe - Candlelight Records
Zolof the Rock 'n Roll Destroyer - Eyeball Records